Watani: Church leaders visit president elect

June 27, 2012 Uncategorized

Nader Shukry

The three churches in Egypt, the Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical, have all congratulated Egypt’s president elect Mohamed Mursi.

Tuesday evening, a delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church, headed by acting patriarch Anba Pachomeus, visited Mursi. The delegation included Bishop of Youth Anba Moussa; Bishop of Aswan Anba Hedra; and Anba Angelius, secretary of Anba Pachomeus as well as Judge Edward Ghaleb, secretary-general of the Melli (Community) Council; and Judge Malak Mina, head of the Coptic Endowments Authority.

The Church delegation offered support to the new president, while it confirmed that Copts in their capacity as Egyptian citizens demanded equality and non-discrimination. They also demanded that the unified law for building places of worship and the family law for Christians should find their way into Parliament.

WATANI International
27 June 2012

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