English Translation: Statement by President Mohammed Morsi yesterday at the military hand-over ceremony

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In the name of Allah the most Gracious and Compassionate
Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and Defence Minister, members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and commanders of the Armed Forces and all guests; officers and soldiers brothers and sons of the Armed Forces I send to you all my heartfelt greetings.
On this remarkable and unprecedented day in Egypt’s history, which attests to the fact that the Egyptian people are one fabric and the people and Armed Forces are seeking one goal, the whole Arab and Islamic nation and the world at large see a unique example they have never seen before. They see how power is handed over by the Egyptian Armed Forces, according to the will of the people, to an elected civil authority. This day will be a critical juncture in Egypt’s history and will be an example to be followed in the world.
This day attests to the fact that we are actually the sons of Egypt and that we are bound together by our deep loyalty to the homeland.
This bright day will be a beacon of light for the coming generations to see that in Egypt’s history there was a day on which the Armed Forces men said yes to the will of the public and handed over power willingly to deliver on their pledges to the Egyptian people.
I salute all the men of the Egyptian Armed Forces who responded to the will of the people. Out of this premise, I accept to receive the power from Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and his comrades of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. I receive this heavy responsibility and accept to be in charge of it and of the Egyptian people.
I testify that you were up to the level of responsibility despite all challenges and difficulties. I testify that you love this homeland and are keen on its interests and that you are cooperating with the people under the elected president to be one hand against any enemy. I am sure you are capable to do this job and I appreciate your excellent skills and knowledge of the international military history.
I pledge that you will be always the focus of my care and interest and that your rights will not be harmed. All support will be provided for you. This is your vested right that you deserve since you are the honor of this country. You are always ready to defend the country’s borders and its internal and external security. You will not quit your place at the internal arena in this stage as the homeland is still in need of you. You will be in your sites at the internal front because we are seeking to rearrange the whole Egyptian security system. At the same time we are also keen on the role of the police since they are indispensable part of the Egyptian people.
I would not like to look backward or downward but I would like to look forward. The police men are the sons of Egypt. I am aware that the transitional period has been extended too long but I will seek to cut this stage short.
I have no doubt in your ability to safeguard the internal and external fronts of Egypt and I am sure that you will exert all efforts to defend this homeland against anybody who seeks to attack it.
Brothers and sons commanders and soldiers
This is a remarkable day and tomorrow will be better. I urge you all to be always ready and I will extend all support to you. Egypt’s potentials are immense and our first priority is providing security and stability to the people. The policemen will be required to undertake a major role in this regard and their demands will be met for protecting the home front. And also your demands will be met so that you become able to defend the homeland in cooperation with the security bodies.
We all look forward to safeguarding this homeland in the internal and external arenas. Because if people are feeling safe they will work and start production and differences and disputes will be minimized.
I salute you all our vigilant eyes who work for protecting us all. Thank you very much.
May God’s peace and blessings be upon you all

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