Preamble to the Algerian Constitution, 1963

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The Algerian people have waged an unceasing armed, moral and political struggle against the invader and all his forms of oppression for more than a century following the aggression of 1830 against the Algerian State and the occupation of the country by French colonial forces.

On November 1, 1954, the National Liberation Front called for the mobilization of all the energies of the nation, since the battle for the independence had reached its final phase of realization.

The war of extermination waged by French imperialism was intensified and more than a million martyrs paid with their lives for the love of their country and liberty.

In March 1962, the Algerian people emerged victorious from the seven and half year’s struggle waged by the National Liberation Front.

Upon recovering its sovereignty, after a hundred and thirty two years of colonial domination and feudal regime, Algeria has given itself new national political institutions.

Faithful to the program adopted by the National Council of the Algerian Revolution in Tripoli, the democratic and popular Algerian Republic will direct its activities toward the construction of the country in accordance with the principles of socialism and with the effective exercise of power by the people, among whom the fellahs, the laboring masses and the revolutionary intellectuals shall constitute the vanguard.

Having attained the objective of national independence which the National Liberation Front undertook on November 1, 1954, the Algerian people will continue its march toward a democratic and popular revolution. The revolution will be consolidated by:

– embarking upon agrarian reform and the creation of a national economy whose administration will be ensured by the workers; 
– a social policy for the benefit of the masses to raise the standard of living of the workers, to accelerate the emancipation of women in order that they may take part in the direction of public affairs and in the development of the country, to do away with illiteracy, to develop the national culture, and to improve dwellings and the health situation; 
– an international policy based upon national independence, international co-operation, the anti-imperialist struggle and effective support of movements for the independence or liberation of their countries. 

Islam and the Arab language have been the effective forces of resistance against the attempt by the colonial regime to depersonalize the Algerians.

Algeria owes to itself to affirm that the Arab language is the national and official language and that it obtains its essential spiritual force from Islam however, the Republic guarantees respect for anyone’s opinion, their beliefs and the free exercise of religion to all.

The National Popular Army, formerly the Army of National Liberation, has been the spearhead in the struggle for liberation ; it remains in the service of people. It will participate, within the framework of the party, in political activities and in the construction of the new economic and social structures of the country.

The fundamental objectives of the Republic are faithful to the philosophic, moral and political traditions of our country and in accordance with the international political orientation which the Algerian people has chosen.

The fundamental rights recognized as belonging to each citizen of the Republic will permit him to participate fully and effectively in the task of building the country. They will permit him to develop and fulfil himself harmoniously within the community, in accordance with the interests of the country and the desires of the people.

The need for a party of the vanguard and its predominant role in the elaboration and supervision of the policy of the nation are the fundamental principles which have determined the choice of the solutions for the different constitutional problems before the Algerian State.

The harmonious and effective functioning of the political institutions provided by the Constitution will be ensured by the National Liberation Front, which

– will mobilize, form and educate the popular masses for the realization of socialism 
– will perceive and reflect the aspirations of the masses for a permanent contact with these institutions 
– will draw up and define the policy of the nation and supervise its implementation 
– will be composed, animated and directed, by the most conscious and most active revolutionary elements 
– will base its organization and its structures on the principle of democratic centralization. Only a party, a powerful organ of impulsion which draws its strength from the people, will be able to break up the economic structures of the past and substitute an economic power democratically exercised by the felIahs and the laboring masses. 

The people have the task of guarding the stability of the political institutions of the country which constitute a vital necessity for the tasks of socialist construction confronting the Republic.

The classic presidential and parliamentary systems cannot guarantee this stability, whereas a system based on the preeminence of the sovereign people and the single party can effectively ensure it.

The National Liberation Front, which is the revolutionary force of the nation will guard this stability and will be the best guarantee of the conformity of the country’s policy with the aspirations of its people.

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