From Instagram: “A young army conscript poses for the photographer in a florist’s. He has bought a bunch of flowers to surprise his family as he goes back home at the end of a two-month army training course. Iran has a mandatory military service for men which starts at the age of 18. #Tehran, #Iran. Photo by Khosro Parkhideh @khparkhideh #everydaytehran #everydayiran #everydayeverywhere سربازی جوان که پس از اتمام دوره‌ی دو ماهه‌ی آموزشی، برای غافلگیری خانواده با یک دسته گل به خانه می‌رود، برای عکاس ژست گرفته است. #تهران، #ایران. عکاس: خسرو پرخیده” by everydayiran

March 13, 2015 Uncategorized

by everydayiran

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