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330-PS-2022 (111-SC-369918): During the early months of 1951, there were over 35,000 women serving on active duty the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Current enlistments are increasing the numbering and thousands more will be available through the Reserve. To contrast to the service of women during World War I, the modern woman in uniform is not utilized only for clerical, secretarial, and medical work. They are employed in various other phases of service operations. Today, women act as communication operators, teletype repairmen, aerologists, information and education specialists, dental technicians, electronics instructors and serve in many other technical fields. They have volunteered for overseas duty and have been assigned to posts in foreign lands. No longer are women considered as merely a source for releasing men for active duty for they have become a vital and integral part of our Armed Forces.
The pilots of the Armed Forces spend hours in the cockpit on a training device called the link trainer. Symbolic of the women in our Armed Forces are, (left to right): WAC Corporal Suzanne Mokeffer; WAVE Chief Virginia E. Jackson; WAF Sergeant Dorothea Wunderlich; and Marine Private First Class Evelyn Crumlish. Photograph released July 16, 1951. (6/2/2015).

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