Friday Demonstration in Tahrir

March 11, 2011 Uncategorized

Just a quick note after getting up here in Cairo to say how excited I am about today: This is the first and only Friday I’ll spend in town, and there is a major demonstration against sectarian hatred planned for Tahrir Square.  This is, at least in part, why I came to Egypt, to get a sense for the ‘spirit of the square,’ and so I’m hoping that all remains peaceful and positive during the demonstration.

I spent yesterday with several scholars who were in Cairo throughout the revolution and learned a great deal about a wide range of topics I had questions about, among them, the geography of protest on the square, the workings of the popular committees protecting neighborhoods, and attitudes towards foreigners throughout.  I am encouraging one particular friend to write about these matters herself, as she has tremendous insight to share.

No doubt by the end of today I’ll have plenty of pictures, videos, and thoughts to pass on: I’ll keep you posted!

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