News and Comment Links: 8-12 June 2012

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Brotherhood supreme guide appeals to Coptic voters
12 June 2012
Egypt’s Constituent Assembly unveiled amid fears over Islamist dominance
12 June 2012
The Revolution’s Barometer
12 June 2012
Egyptian Chronicles: Insanity and the Myth of Mubarak Regime’s death
12 June 2012
Will Muslim Brotherhood’s Mursi clinch Egypt’s presidency?
12 June 2012
The spy who said ‘really’
12 June 2012
Egyptian Candidate Embraces Conspiracy Theory to Explain Killing of Protesters
12 June 2012
Egypt’s Underground Wakes Up
12 June 2012
Egypt election boycott gains momentum
12 June 2012
Parliament vote on Constituent Assembly members dogged by walkout
12 June 2012
Jailed Mubarak casts shadow as Egypt vote looms
12 June 2012
Asmaa Mahfouz appeal on assault charges accepted
12 June 2012
Islamist domination of Constituent Assembly against people’s will, says MP
12 June 2012
Egypt’s anti-spy TV ad continues to stir controversy
12 June 2012
Beware foreign spies, Egypt warns, in ridiculous but dangerous ads
12 June 2012
Liberals refrain from vote on constituent assembly
12 June 2012
In Egypt’s presidential race, Shafiq plays on fears of Islamists’ rise
12 June 2012
MPs urged to stage sit-in for political isolation enforcement
12 June 2012
Presidential candidate Sabbahi, ElBaradei discuss setting up wide-scale revolutionary alliance
12 June 2012
Amnesty International urges Egypt to investigate attacks on women
12 June 2012
Alaa Al Aswany declines nomination for Constituent Assembly
12 June 2012
Egypt’s ElBaradei blasts ‘unrepresentative’ constitutional assembly
12 June 2012
State TV cancels ‘indirect’ presidential debate
11 June 2012
Trade Union Federation rejects new Constituent Assembly formation
Public prosecutor refers emergency law cases to civil courts
Egypt presidency race haunted by tit-for-tat ‘Camel Battle’ claims
Egypt Islamists draft code to boost Islamic banks
Protesters for political isolation law enter sixth day of hunger strike
Rift widens over plans for new Egyptian constitution
Egyptian Chronicles: #EndSH : Once again we face ugly reality
The Revolution Will Be Minimized
Egypt Parliament issues law regulating constitution-drafting body
In Sinai, the tribe comes before the state, the state before Islamists
Families of martyrs file suit to claim damages
10 June 2012
On verge of consensus, rifts reemerge over Egypt’s Constituent Assembly
El-Baradei apologizes to Egypt’s women for recent surge in harassment
Low voter turnout predicted for Egypt’s looming presidential runoff
Islamists reneged on Constituent Assembly agreement, says secular party leader
Salafi party threatens to mobilize protests if constitution violates Sharia
Egyptian Chronicles: What kind of stability are you fooling the people with?
Ahmed Shafiq: Courting the ‘law-and-order’ vote in Egypt
Egypt political, civil society groups name choices to write constitution
45 hunger strikers demand application of Political Isolation Law
Sectarian fights over proselytizing injure 12 at Assiut University
Two bills in Parliament compete to provide freedom of information
Egypt’s revolution is in ‘intensive care’, says ElBaradei
Muslim Brotherhood still can’t win the backing of Egypt’s revolutionaries
9 June 2012
Thinking Fits: Feeling Good and Bad about Umm al Dunya?
Media attacks up tensions on Egypt presidency vote
Katatny: Lawmakers will comply if court orders dissolution of Parliament
Court cannot dissolve parliament – FJP
Judge summons Shafiq in Battle of the Camel trial
Protesters Gather in Cairo Amid Escalating Tensions
8 June 2012
Egypt’s Coptic leader welcomes Islamist president if he respects Christian rights
Empty Tahrir Square underscores split between Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s revolutionaries
Tahrir Square in 17 months – a set on Flickr
Tagammu leader: Foreign parties behind Arab revolts, presidential council “unacceptable”
Egypt march to end sexual harassment assaulted
Egypt state TV drums up fear of spies
Revolutionary options in the Egyptian presidential runoff
Protests in several cities in Friday of “Insistence”
With runoff approaching, Shafiq’s fate in court’s hands
Egypt Transition on Brink of Collapse
On the Second Anniversary of Khaled Said, Police Still Enjoys Impunity
Egyptians protest against ex premier ahead of vote
Belal Fadl: What’s So Funny About Egypt?
Parliament review: Scuffles and laws
Egyptian police accuse Salafist MP of performing indecent act with teenage girl, he denies
Egyptian Chronicles: And this is how you will “REALLY” improve tourism in Egypt!
Morsy would pick defense minister after consulting SCAF
Coptic bishop says he welcomes Islamist president

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