English Translation: Mursi Statement on Judiciary

July 14, 2012 Uncategorized
Source: IkhwanWeb

July 11, 2012

The Presidency assures its deep respect for the Constitution and the law, true appreciation of the judiciary and honorable judges of Egypt, sincere commitment to the decisions issued by the Egyptian judiciary, and determination to effectively manage the relationship between State authorities, to prevent any potential clashes.

We assure that our decree No. 11 / 2012 to overrule the decision to dissolve the People’s Assembly (PA), therefore inviting it to reconvene and perform its duties, and to hold early elections within 60 days of the adoption of the new constitution and the law of PA elections, was intended to affirm respect of the judiciary’s decisions and the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC)’s ruling, defining the right time for its implementation, in order to best serve public interest for the benefit of the country, to preserve state authorities, especially the elected PA, so it can carry out its duties so as to avoid a legislation and oversight vacuum at this critical stage.

Although the SCC’s ruling issued yesterday has prevented the PA from completing its duties, we will honor this decision because we respect the law, are governed by the rule of law, and respect institutions. We will, in consultation with all political forces and the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies, seek the best way to get out of this situation, in order to steer this country beyond this crucial stage, and to address all the issues the country is facing today and may face in the coming period and until the adoption of the new constitution.

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