Al-Azhar’s Ten-Point Plan

February 1, 2013 Uncategorized
Source: Ahram Online

1- The right to life is guaranteed by all religions and laws; there is no good to any a nation or society that fails to recognise the sacred character of human life.
2- Distinctions must be drawn between political action and violent criminal action, with an emphasis on the sanctity of public and private property and blood.
3- Emphasis must be put on the duty of the state and its security apparatuses to protect the citizenry, their constitutional rights and freedoms, and public and private property without breaching human rights and laws.
4- The denunciation – along with the legal and religious criminalisation – of violence in all of its forms.
5- The condemnation of incitement to violence.
6- The condemnation of all calls for violence, defamation of the other, spreading rumours against public figures and entities, and recognition of these actions as ethical crimes.
7- A commitment to peaceful means of engaging in politics and raising Egypt’s next generation into a culture of peaceful political discourse.
8- A commitment to serious dialogue between different political groups, especially in times of crisis, aimed at reinforcing a culture of respect for diversity.
9- The protection of Egyptian society from sectarian and racist calls, illegal militant groups and illegal foreign intervention.
10- The protection of the Egyptian state is the responsibility of all parties: the government, opposition, the people, the youth, the elderly, political parties, groups and movements.

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