From Flickr: “Greetings From Virginia City, Nevada” by Jordan Smith (The Pie Shops)

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Virginia City, the most historic and romantic mining camp in the world, is situated at the base of Mt. Davidson (Sun Mountain). Among the first miners to come into this area were Grosch Brothers, Allen and Hosea, who were the first to recognize silver in this area in 1859; James Finney, called "Old Virginny," for whom the city was named, Henry Comstock, whose name was given to the entire Lode; Sandy Bowers, Peter O’Reilley, and Patrick McLaughlin. The Comstock Lode produced over a billion dollars in gold and silver. The population in 1876 was 40,000.

Mailed from Crystal Bay, Nevada to Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Longabach of Pasadena, California on July 2, 1964:

July 1
I probably will be home before you get this. We went to Virginia City today. It was awfully hot. Tomorrow we leave here. Probably will be home Saturday night.
Love, Judy

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