From Flickr: “Millen, Robert, house, Bay St., w. side, s. of Albert St.” by Toronto Public Library Special Collections

March 31, 2015 Uncategorized

It’s cold out. When I saw this picture in our Digital Archive (, I was extra glad that I live in a house with central heating and insulation. This 1890 photo shows Robert Millen’s wooden house, with a central fireplace. Inside, you can just about make out a woman and can certainly see two children. It’s not very large. It doesn’t look very warm, not in this weather. It’s typical of its day, and its place (the Bay St. and Albert area, here in Toronto). Brrrr!

Creator: Unknown
Date: 1890
Identifier: B 12-14b
Format: Ephemera
Rights: Public domain
Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.
More information: (view details and larger image)

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