From Flickr: “YONGE ST., ST. CLAIR AVE. TO YONGE BLVD., looking s. at Sherwood Ave.” by Toronto Public Library Special Collections

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Car 43 on the Metropolitan line, 1912: This electric streetcar belonging to the Toronto and York Radial Railway is pictured on Yonge at Yonge Blvd. Incorporated in 1877, this railway was animal-powered until it converted to electric in 1890. The radial railroads were for travel between cities, and were largely replaced by buses once the highways came along in the 1920s and ’30s… until the ’70s, of course, when the GO Transit service began.

Creator: Unknown
Date: 1912
Identifier: 976-21-6
Format: Ephemera
Rights: Public domain
Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.
More information: (view details and larger image)

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