From Flickr: “Wanderer’s Bicycle Club” by Toronto Public Library Special Collections

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A composite photograph taken in 1884, the Wanderer’s Bicycle Club is depicted in front of the Queen’s Park fountain (University Ave, Toronto). The Toronto Daily Mail described one of their trips to Hamilton, August 16, 1883: “As customary to this club, they wandered in small parties into that city, (…) There were, in all, about 30 wheelsmen present, the dark blue and scarlet of the Hamilton club making an appealing contrast with the grey and black of the Wanderers.”

Creator: Humme, Ludwig Eugen Julius Friedrich (1839-1891)
Date: 1884
Identifier: X 28-5 Cab II
Format: Ephemera
Rights: Public domain
Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.
More information: (view details and larger image)

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