From Flickr: “Yonge St., Queen to College Sts., looking n. from Queen St.” by Toronto Public Library Special Collections

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Yonge Street, 1888, looking north from Queen St: this stretch pretty much always a vital part of the city. Before the Great Toronto fire of 1904, most of the buildings in the downtown core stood no more than 3 or 4 storeys. A horse-drawn streetcar plods along the dirt road, slightly behind a man (with a very long whip) in his four-wheeled carriage and just in front of a larger delivery wagon. You also see men in coats and hats or in working aprons and — on the sidewalk — pushing a hand-cart.

Creator: Unknown
Date: 1888
Identifier: E 9-155 Small
Format: Ephemera
Rights: Public domain
Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.
More information: (view details and larger image)

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