From Flickr: “Second annual dinner of the Board of Trade of the City of Toronto” by Toronto Public Library Special Collections

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This is a menu for the second annual dinner of the Toronto Board of Trade, held in 1889. The 127th such dinner will take place on January 26, but it will not be held at the Horticultural Gardens. One of our city’s earliest parks, it’s now called Allan Gardens, after William Allan (1772-1853), a poor Scots immigrant who eventually became one of the richest men in York (Toronto) and his son, George William Allan (1822–1901), a builder who was elected mayor of the city in 1855.

Creator: Toronto Board of Trade
Date: 1889
Identifier: 1889
Format: Ephemera
Rights: Public domain
Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.
More information: (view details and larger image)

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