From Flickr: “London Underground – Central line Loughton – Epping 150th anniversary poster – 24 April 2015” by mikeyashworth

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Tomorrow, Friday 24th April 2015 sees the 150th anniversary of the Loughton – Epping section of the Central line that opened on April 24th 1865! We shouldn’t forget that the line originally extended on to Ongar – the Underground, that took the branch over as part of the post-WW2 Central line extension programme and electrified it – closed the section beyond Epping on 30 September 1994. It has since been resurrected by the independent Epping Ongar Railway.

We’ve issued three posters to commemorate the event – these are copyright to London Underground – and I’m pleased with the results!

This poster is base don the 1949 poster issued by London Transport to celebrate the opening of the Central line electrification service from Loughton to Epping in 1949. By K G Chapman it makes play on Epping Forest, the line still running through mainly rural areas beyond Debden.

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