From Flickr: “Stratford station, London, c1935” by mikeyashworth

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A hugely changed scene this – over the last 20 years Stratford station has changed out of all recognition. Soon after this c1935 shot the entrance was reconstructed, based on the ‘workmans’ subway, in a light faience (similar to Maryland station) as part of the Shenfield electrification and the arrival of the Central line. I’m not sure when the old station building to the left went. The reconstructed entrance was inself abandoned as part of the major reconstruction for the arrival of the Jubilee line in 1999 although the faience pediment can still be seen. The other huge change is the road layout here – to take this photo now you’d be almost standing in the middle of the Stratford relief road, Great Eastern Road, that runs left to right across this shot. The maze of streets seen here, including Station St, was swept away as part of the 1960s redevelopment that saw construction of the Stratford Shopping Centre on the site to the back of the photographer. This is likley to be a print of an official LT photograph taken as part of the preperations for the Central line extensions into east London planned in 1935-40, and finally delivered in 1946-49.

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