From Flickr: “330-PS-2934 (USN 443983)” by Photograph Curator

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330-PS-2934 (USN 443983): Sub Rescues Disabled Airship. Sailors of a ground crew landing party, haul down a disabled ZP2K airship at Boca Chica, Naval Air Station, after a 22 hour rescue in which USS Sea Poacher (SS 406) toned the disabled aircraft to land. The ZX-11 blimp while making a dummy attack of the submarine came in on a low attack and its propellers struck the surface of the ocean rendering it powerless. The Sea Poacher attached a cable to the blimp’s mooring line and towed it to the beach. At daybreak, sailors hauled the blimp ashore to a mooring mast. Photograph released July 11, 1952. (5/12/2015).

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