From Flickr: “Presentation of Crimea Medal, 1855” by London Metropolitan Archives

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Description: View in Horse Guards Parade showing the presentation by Her Majesty of the Crimea Medal, May 18th 1855. The medal is being presented to Colonel Sir Thomas Trowbridge.

"The Crimea Medal was a campaign medal approved in 1854, for issue to officers and men of British units (land and naval) which fought in the Crimean War of 1854-56 against Russia.

The medal is notable for its extremely ornate clasps, being in the form of an oak leaf with an acorn at each extremity, a style never again used on a British medal. The suspension is an ornate floriated swivelling suspender, again unique to the Crimea Medal." (

Date of Execution: 1855

Artist: Tenniel, John

Medium: lithograph

Collection: Wakefield Collection

COLLAGE No: 21974

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