From Flickr: “Eagle Spinning Co Ltd., Rochdale, Lancashire – advert, c1950” by mikeyashworth

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The Eagle Mill was on Queen Victoria St a short distance from my grandparents house on Charlotte St in Rochdale – and my grandfather Bill Clegg worked here from the 1930s on until the late 1950s when ill-heath forced him to leave – the cotton industry was eventually to play a role in his death in 1965 when he died from lung cancer brought on from byssinosis (cotton dust on the lungs) and having been gassed in WW1. Their generation did not have an easy life in many ways – when Bill died byssinosis was not a ‘pensionable’ disease and so my grandma Clegg had to go back out to work as a school dinner lady to earn until she recieved her own state pension. Their lives were also blighted by the death of their son Jack in 1945, on active service in the British Army in Belgium. That said, to me as a child, it was an amazingly close and loving family – and I can recall my Grandad Bill taking me, as a toddler, in to the Eagle Mill to see his mates!

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