From Flickr: “Casablanca Hotel – Miami Beach, Florida” by The J. Smith Archive

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On the Ocean in the Fashionable Sixties
Miami Beach Newest and Most Beautiful Hotel

Mailed from Miami Beach, Florida to Mrs. Adah Gibson of Cleveland, Ohio on July 10, 1957:

Hello honey:
Here I am baking in the hot sun like a lobster. Will be in A.C. Sunday nite & Newport Mon. Am leaving here Sunday. Sorry didn’t get a chance to call. Hope you’re feeling fine, my tan is ruined, over did it. With all my love, Write to A.C. Mary Glendale
115 S. Missouri
Atlantic City, NJ

Color Photograph by H.W. Hannau, Maimi Beach
U.S. Colorprint – 605 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, Florida – Harrison Color Process

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