From Flickr: “555 PERY Surplus Cars West Hollywood 1530523 AKW” by Metro Transportation Library and Archive

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From photographer’s notes – "Even though sixty years have passed since I took these pictures surprisingly the memory of the pictures stays in our minds. All traces have disappeared in the streets but the whole line seems active in our minds.

The Los Angeles Hollywood Beverly Hills Line ran from the Subway Terminal at 4th & Hill Streets. It came out at Beverly and Glendale Blvd. Ran on Glendale Bl. until it got to the North Edge of Echo Park, turned left on to a small street called Park Bl. and went up the hill to Sunset Bl. Turned West on Sunset Bl. and continued until it turned into Hollywood Bl. Continued thru Hollywood until it reached La Brea. It turned slightly South West on a Private Right of way until reaching Fountain. Then turned West on Fountain until it reached Private right of way just before Fairfax Bl. Turned West again on Santa Monica Bl thru West Hollywood. The old Sherman Shops of the PE [Pacific Electric] and the Car house in the pictures were on the property of what is now LACMTA Div. 7. If my memory is correct, the tracks moved from the center of Santa Monica to the South side of the tracks on a Private Right of way (about Doheny). The Right of way continued on to Beverly Hills and the end of Passenger service. Freight trains continued on to Sepulveda Bl. There was also a line that ran from West Hollywood East past Fairfax and on to Sunset Blvd and then turned South thru a short tunnel and on to Hill Street. to 16th St.

The long line of cars parked out side the Car House were surplus cars left over from the abandonment of the Northern Dist. lines and
some from the previously abandoned Venice Short Line.

The Bev. Hills line was abandoned on September 30. 1954, leaving only the Glendale Burbank to be the last PERY line. It was abandoned June 19, 1955. I rode the last car into the Subway and thought that was end of the attempt to bring Rapid Transit. I am glad I lived long enough to see the revival of real Rapid Transit."

Alan Weeks (Photos) June 3, 2015

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