From Flickr: “Holiday Inn East – Chattanooga, Tennessee” by The Jordan Smith Archive

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U.S. Highways 11 and 64
5505 Brainerd Road
Whether you travel alone or with you family, your enjoyment is the first consideration of Holiday Inn-East.

Mailed from Cincinnati, Ohio to Mrs. Ethel Harbisan of Bradenton, Florida on April 19, 1971:

Dear Mrs. Harbisan,
All we snowbirds are going home – What traffic – took us 4 1/2 hrs to drive 137 miles. Our stay in Clearwater was just wonderful as it was being with you. Played golf again & beat Don. We hope to vacation in Fla. It has been prefect. Thank you for being so wonderful to us. Our love – Mac Donalds
P.S. Don won $180 at the Dogs – Lucky Us.

A Curteichcolor Card
Number under postage

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