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A Happy Twomey Thursday to you and welcome to the heart of Cork City.

There was great activity around todays photo with contributions from sharon.corbet Niall McAuley Carol Maddock beachcomberaustralia Foxglove guliolopez and dorameulman

The comments are a must read and give a great account of business on Shandon Street in the early part of the last century.

But what about – Machine Bakery? Carol Maddock provides a gem of a post with the help of the Cork Examiner’s archive.

Lots of ads in the Cork Examiner in the early 1890s for John Twomey advertising “High-Class Bread at Moderate Prices” and “Van Deliveries Daily to all parts of City and Suburbs”. I’m wondering if machine made bread was quite a new phenomenon, as all of the ads list the advantages of bread made by machinery…
1. Sweetness, by the more rapid and skilful treatment in its manufacture.
2. Fineness of texture by being properly, yet powerfully, kneaded.
3. Colour, by having the various flours perfectly and thoroughly blended.
4. Flavour and moisture are retained by the ability to finish the work at the exact moment required by fermentation.
5. Quality is always uniform by having a perfectly unvaried system of treatment.
6. Cleanliness by being free from hand labour. This alone is commendable.

Photographer: Fergus O’Connor

Collection: Fergus O’Connor Collection

Date: Circa 1910 – 1920

NLI Ref: OCO 86

You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at

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