From Flickr: “Wolverhampton Corporation Transport Department, Central Depot, Cleveland Road, Wolverhampton c 1930” by mikeyashworth

AS a child in the 1960s and ’70s I well recall this building as it was still then in use as a bus depot (the trolleybuses having gone in 1967) having been built to house the town’s earlier tram fleet. Sadly the building was demolished a few years ago, a loss in my mind. However in c1930 the borough was showing off its expanding and quite pioneering trolleybus fleet for the photographer along with the staff. The one identifiable trolleybus was, like many others, based on a chassis built in the town as it is a 1928 Guy Motors CX type 3 axled trolleybus fitted with a Dodson body. Although a step forward from the trolleybuses of the early 1920s this batch of vehicles were soon very dated and 58 – UK 5258 – (renumbered 158) was scrapped in 1938.

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