From Flickr: “STS-113 Liftoff” by NASA on The Commons

Against a black night sky, the Space Shuttle Endeavour heads toward Earth orbit and a scheduled link-up with the International Space Station (ISS). Liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39 occurred at 7:49:47 p.m. (EST), November 23, 2002. The launch was the 19th for Endeavour, and the 112th flight in the Shuttle program. Mission STS-113 was the 16th assembly flight to the International Space Station, carrying another structure for the Station, the P1 integrated truss. Crewmembers onboard were astronauts James D. Wetherbee, commander; Paul S. Lockhart, pilot, along with astronauts Michael E. Lopez-Alegria and John B. Herrington, both mission specialists. Also onboard were the Expedition 6 crewmembers–astronauts Kenneth D. Bowersox and Donald R. Pettit, along with cosmonaut Nikolai M. Budarin–who went on to replace Expedition 5 aboard the Station.

Image #: STS113-S-011
Date: November 23, 2002

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