From Flickr: “Daimler of Coventry, 1896 – 1966 book; Birmingham City Transport” by mikeyashworth

From the rather fine 1966 book produced by Daimler to commemorate their 70 years of production. This page is dedicated to their biggest customer – just up the road from Coventry, the City of Birmingham. The municipal transport department their amassed the ‘world’s biggest fleet of Daimlers’ prior to their merger into WMPTE in 1969 (who continued the practice for some years!) and had over time several thousand of Daimler’s products. This page shows the span of vehicles Birmingham acquired over decades from a 1923 example (at the time when BCT was starting to look at buses) and then a pre-war example of a ‘standard’ type of bus for the city, the COG5 one of many similar buses added to the fleet in the late 1930s. This example survives and fleet number 1107 is still with the world. Likewise several of the post-war "Standards" purchased by BCT survive as seen here with a 1950 style ‘New Look" bus of a type that served the city for decades. This one is JOJ 65, a 1951 Daimler CVD6 – the Daimler engines never quite had the robustness of the usual Gardner engined CVG6 type and indeed had a slightly shorter life in Birmingham than usual. Lastly one of the many mid-1960s Fleetlines that replaced many earlier Daimlers and other buses with bodywork, again built in Birmingham by MCW. This is 400 KOV, 3400 in the fleet, and was a 1964 Daimler Fleetline CRG6. It shows the once proud municipal tradition of public transport now almost lost in the UK.

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