From Flickr: “Madeleine Carroll and Gary Cooper in The General Died at Dawn (1936)” by Truus, Bob & Jan too!

Btritish postcard in the Film Partners series, no. P 214. Photo: Paramount. Publicity still for The General Died at Dawn (Lewis Milestone, 1936).

British actress Madeleine Carroll (1906–1987) was a blonde beauty of ladylike demeanour. The first of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘ice-cool blondes’ was immensely popular in the 1930s and 1940s, and was nicknamed ‘The Queen of British Cinema’.

American screen legend Gary Cooper (1901-1961) is well remembered for his stoic, understated acting style in more than one hundred Westerns, comedies and dramas. He received five Oscar nominations and won twice for his roles as Alvin York in Sergeant York (1941) and as Will Kane in High Noon (1952).

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