From Flickr: “Looking at Geography Book 3; Looking at Britain by J and D Gadsby, A & C Black, 1959; cover at by C W Bacon” by mikeyashworth

"A Busy Street"

To those of us born in 1950s Britain and who used these very books at school here is a remarkably idealised view of post-war Britain. This could be a scene from any Briitsh town or city – as the artist intended. Everything is very ordered – the municipal bus and dust cart, Grandad with the grandson out posting a letter whilst a cheerful bobby and postman do their rounds. The other arm of the Post Ofice is shown in the smart K6 telephone kiosk. Even the workman digging up the road so so neatly! And yes, Mummy is safely in the kitchen!

Many of us were a very lucky generation and some look back on this period – a period that was as British history now informs us was a strangely unique period of conformity. Anyhow sociology aside – the artwork on this school text book by Jean and David Gadsby is by the prolific artist and illustrator C W Bacon.

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