From Flickr: “Puffin Picture Book 10 – a book of trains by W J Bassett-Lowke and F E Courtney, 1941/49” by mikeyashworth

Ah! A book of childhood delights! One of the beautiful Penguin Books "Puffin Picture Books", this on the then strongly ‘boys’ pursuit of trains. First published during wartime austerity in 1941 this is a later reprint. The authors include W J Bassett-Lowke whose family had long involvement in model railway construction. The book was published in wonderful form by auto-lithography at the Curwen Press with the authors drawing directly to the litho-plates. The cover draws the comparison between Stephenson’s Rocket of 1829 and the streamlined LMSR ‘Coronation’ locomotive 6220 of 1937. The back cover shows a typical (if somewhat clean) terminus station!

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