From Flickr: “Bristol – travel brochure issued by Bristol City Council, c1938” by mikeyashworth

April 28, 2015 Uncategorized

Seldom has Bristol looked so atmospheric and alluring as the sun goes down – a marvellous image from the front cover of a brochure issued by the City Council in the late 1930s and illustrated by ‘Wilson’ in a very period style. The cityscape seen here was soon to be massively altered as Bristol took a very heavy pounding during enemy bombing during the Second World War. In the meantime – with the Cabot Tower silhouettted against a vivis evening sky the city’s streets are alive with activity and neon. The shops and advertising are a mix of the familar, such as Boots the Chemists, and local brands including Georges Beer and Fry’s Cocoa. Amidst the cars run locally built Bristol buses – the city’s tram network that was already being closed down at the time has been airbrushed out of the modern city!

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